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Sumana Moole, MD | GI Doctor located in Suwanee, Georgia – Serving the greater Atlanta area.

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I have been running from doctor to doctor and felt i was not heard out on what my problems are. Dr. Moole was the first doctor in 4 months who listened to me and what i have to say. She took all the time needed to fully understand what symptoms i have and suggested that it would have to be my lungs. Every other doctor ruled the lungs out. Turns out that it is really my lungs. I think only because she took enough time to puzzle the pieces together she was able to lead me on the right direction. No other doctor did that, instead they all told me i am a healthy individual
Dr. Moole is a fantastic gastro! She’s so focus on details and also I have had an endoscopy done by her! She’s clear to discuss the results and to follow up on next steps! Definitely highly recommended!
I recently took my parents to Merus for a colonoscopy consultation and procedure and it was such a smooth and enjoyable experience. My parents only speak mandarin and Fiona helped them translate and explain the procedure and what the doctor said. She also kindly helped us make appointments for the colonoscopy and bill payment. Dr. Moole is such a wonderful doctor on all levels. She performed colonoscopy on both my parents and they both feel great about the whole experience. We are grateful to have Dr. Moole and Fiona help us.