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Dr. Sumana Moole

For over two decades, Dr. Moole has been a luminary in the realm of medicine, dedicating 15 distinguished years to the intricate domain of gastroenterology. Her commitment to clinical distinction, patient empowerment, and a holistic approach to well-being places her in a league of her own within the expansive sphere of healthcare.Earning national acclaim for her exceptional contributions and leadership prowess, Dr. Moole was selectively chosen as one of a mere eleven candidates across the U.S. for the prestigious Advanced Leadership Development Program through the American College of Gastroenterology in 2022. This accolade speaks to her relentless pursuit of excellence and her unwavering mission to ensure every patient receives unmatched care.

At the core of Dr. Moole’s philosophy lies a fervent belief in prevention over cure, underscoring the pivotal role of gut health in holistic well-being. She passionately advocates for patient empowerment, firmly upholding that an informed patient is an indispensable partner in the healthcare journey. Beyond her clinical practice, she actively champions a balanced lifestyle, emphasizing the interconnectedness of physical and mental fitness.Dr. Moole’s visionary zeal led her to establish Merus Gastroenterology & Gut Health in Johns Creek, GA. She envisioned a haven where individualized care meets cutting-edge science, optimizing gut health, and pinpointing areas of personal improvement for her patients. With her at the helm, the center has emerged as a beacon of hope, health, and healing for countless individuals.Dr. Moole’s academic journey is underscored by her rigorous training at esteemed institutions. She honed her expertise in internal medicine at the distinguished Wayne State University and Detroit Receiving Hospital, a nexus of pioneering medical research and patient care. Following this, she immersed herself in an intense gastroenterology fellowship at Penn State University, where she delved deep into the complexities of the discipline. This robust educational backdrop at prestigious universities has seamlessly blended to shape her into the seasoned and compassionate clinician she is today.

But Dr. Moole isn’t just an outstanding clinician. She’s a respected researcher with an impressive repertoire of peer-reviewed articles and abstracts. Her innovative approaches and seminal insights have made significant contributions to the medical community.

A perpetual learner, Dr. Moole consistently immerses herself in professional development, ensuring she remains abreast of the latest advancements. This unwavering dedication guarantees she continually evolves as a physician, embodying her belief in lifelong learning and self-improvement.The genuine testimonials from grateful patients on Google serve as the most heartfelt endorsements of Dr. Moole’s prowess. Their sincere reflections showcase her steadfast commitment to patient care and the profound impact she has on their lives.If you seek a gastroenterologist who seamlessly melds expertise with genuine empathy, Dr. Moole is your ultimate choice. Embark on a journey towards optimal gut health, prevention, and holistic well-being under her nurturing guidance.Schedule your appointment with Dr. Moole today and experience a transformative approach to healthcare: empathetic, informed, and truly empowering.

Kyung-Hwa Sun, NP

Kyung-Hwa Sun is our newest Nurse Practitioner at MerusGastro. A seasoned professional, Kyung-Hwa brings a wealth of expertise from her extensive nursing background, particularly in the specialized fields of gastroenterology and endoscopy.Educated at the prestigious University of North Georgia, where she achieved her Master of Science in Nursing with an outstanding GPA of 3.93, Kyung-Hwa has showcased not only academic process but also immense dedication to her patients through 720 rigorous clinical hours across primary, OBGYN, pediatric, and GI departments.Her career narrative is one of steadfast commitment to the health and wellbeing of her patients.

Prior to joining our team, Kyung-Hwa has served in distinguished healthcare institutions, including Northside Forsyth Hospital and Emory Johns Creek Hospital, as a Registered Nurse in the endoscopy department. This followed an impressive 11-year tenure in Med-Surg at premier institutions like Northside Forsyth Hospital, Houston Methodist West Hospital, and Houston Memorial Hermann Hospital.Beyond her clinical pursuits, Kyung-Hwa is a fervent advocate for a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing the centrality of gut health. Her passion for maintaining a balanced lifestyle is evident in her interests which span from the harmonious realm of music to the rejuvenating world of skincare. She is also a bilingual professional, proficient in both Korean and English, ensuring clear communication for a broader range of patients.

Our patients can look forward to a holistic care experience under Kyung-Hwa’s guidance. She embodies the core values of our practice and is eager to usher you on a journey towards optimal gut health and overall well-being. If you’ve been looking for a sign to prioritize your health, consider meeting with Kyung-Hwa, a dedicated practitioner whose passion and expertise are sure to inspire.To schedule an appointment with Kyung-Hwa Sun, please [click here](#) or reach out to us at MerusGastro.Welcome, Kyung-Hwa, to our MerusGastro family! We’re excited for our patients to benefit from your experience, passion, and commitment.

Our Team

Always with you in Mind 

Sumana Moole, MD - Merus Gastroenterology & Gut Health -
Good health requires a 360-degree Approach - Sumana Moole, MD - Merus Gastroenterology & Gut Health -

Our Goal

We at Merus Gastroenterology specialize in preventing, diagnosing, and treating gastrointestinal disorders combined with promoting gut wellness. Our goal is to provide care that is at once patient-centric, evidence-based and low cost.

All About You

We specialize in gastroenterology, which we combine with promoting good gut health to make sure that every patient is given the best chance of a full and lasting recovery. Our treatment and advice often include in-depth conversations about patient’s lifestyles: stress management, exercise, sleep, and of course, diet.
Good health requires a 360-degree Approach - Sumana Moole, MD - Merus Gastroenterology & Gut Health -
Good health requires a 360-degree Approach - Sumana Moole, MD - Merus Gastroenterology & Gut Health -

Our Passion

All of our team members are passionate about improving the patient experience – we are interested in hearing your stories and working with you to provide treatment that works for you.

Our unique work culture has been designed to empower all of our team members. The practice is proud to be flexible when it comes to our employee’s needs, allowing them to be self-driven, proactive, and achieve a positive work-life balance – all of which directly leads to better, more effective, and more engaged care for the patient. We aim to deliver consistently excellent care to improve the lives of our patients, their families and to support the communities in which we operate.